Silicone earphones cover tells you how to clean it

2021/8/4 18:50:22

Method 1. When there is a small part of dust on the silicone earphones cover after going out, you can simply wash it with clean water to remove the dust.
Method 2. When the silicone earphones cover is stained with stains that are difficult to remove, such as lipstick and brush, it can be soaked in warm water for a while, and then wiped with a rag.
Method 3. If there are oily substances such as credit oil and industrial oil, soak them in a little hot water for a while. The soaking time depends on observing the volatilization of oil stains, and then take out some degreasing substances such as detergent to assist in degreasing!
Method 4. When the silicone earphones cover is accidentally stained with paint, correction fluid and other things that are difficult to remove, it is necessary to add corresponding grams, and then wash the old toothbrush before cleaning the silicone earphones cover.
Method 5. After long-term use, if you are worried about the breeding of bacteria, you can wash it with boiling water or even cook it directly in a disinfection pot for a while! But beware of burns
matters needing attention:
Silicone earphones cover is made of silicone raw materials, because you must not touch open fire during cleaning and use. Be careful to melt. You also need to stay away from sharp objects to avoid damage caused by cutting! And after the cleaning work is completed, it needs to be dried in the sun for use to prevent bacteria from breeding at this time!